Idea to Business Model AKTU PDF Notes Download (KOE-060); Unit 4 – Production System

Idea to Business Model (KOE-060) PDF Notes Download for Unit 4: Production System B.Tech AKTU 3rd Year.

A production system is a process that produces goods or services. It involves the conversion of raw materials into finished products through a series of operations or activities.

The production system can be designed in various ways depending on the nature of the product, volume of production, resources available, and other factors.

The main goal of a production system is to produce high-quality products efficiently and effectively while minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

Idea to Business Model Unit 4

Unit 4: Production system

Design of production system – Types of production system – Production Planning & Control (PPC) – Steps of PPC.

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You have the option to download the complete E-Book that includes all the notes for the 5 units in easy, simple, and concise language as per the latest AKTU syllabus. Additionally, the E-Book contains important definitions and terms, as well as previous year’s question papers and important questions.

We have also made a Video lecture on Unit 4: Production System of Idea to Business Model in the Hindi Language.

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