Idea to Business Model AKTU PDF Notes EBook Download for BTech 3rd Year KOE-060

Idea to Business Model (KOE-060) PDF Notes EBook Download for B.Tech AKTU 3rd Year.

This complete E-Book includes all the notes for the 5 units in easy, simple, and concise language as per the latest AKTU syllabus. Additionally, the E-Book contains important definitions and terms, previous year’s question papers and important questions.

Idea to Business Model (KOE-060) PDF Notes EBook

Below is the Syllabus of Idea to Business Model

Unit 1: Introduction

Search for a business idea – How to choose an idea- Product idea- selection of product – The adoption process – Product innovation – Production, planning and development strategy – New product idea.

Unit 2: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Meaning and concept of entrepreneurship – Difference between Entrepreneurship & wage employment – Functions of an Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur vs Manager – role of entrepreneurship in economic development – Barriers to entrepreneurship.

Unit 3: The Entrepreneur

Types of entrepreneurs – Competencies required to become an entrepreneur – Creative and Design Thinking, the entrepreneurial decision process – The process of Entrepreneurial development prog (EDP) – Evaluation of EDP – Entrepreneur development training.

Unit 4: Production system

Design of production system – Types of production system – Production Planning & control (PPC) – Steps of PPC.

Unit 5: Communication

Importance of communication system – barriers to communication – listening to people – the power of talk – personal selling – risk taking & resilience – negotiation.

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