Idea to Business Model AKTU PDF Notes Download (KOE-060); Unit 3 – The Entrepreneur

Idea to Business Model (KOE-060) PDF Notes Download for Unit 3: The Entrepreneur B.Tech AKTU 3rd Year.

An entrepreneur is someone who starts and runs their own business. They take risks and make decisions about how the business operates, including its products or services, marketing strategies, and finances.

Entrepreneurs are often driven by a desire to create something new or solve a problem, and they are willing to invest time, money, and effort into their venture in order to make it successful.

Idea to Business Model Unit 3

Unit 3: The Entrepreneur

Types of entrepreneurs – Competencies required to become an entrepreneur – Creative and Design Thinking, the entrepreneurial decision process – The process of Entrepreneurial development prog (EDP) – Evaluation of EDP – Entrepreneur development training.

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You have the option to download the complete E-Book that includes all the notes for the 5 units in easy, simple, and concise language as per the latest AKTU syllabus. Additionally, the E-Book contains important definitions and terms, as well as previous year’s question papers and important questions.

We have also made a Video lecture on Unit 3: The Entrepreneur of Idea to Business Model in the Hindi Language.

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