Windows Hidden Features You Should know

Well, if you are a Windows user so I know that you try out some Anti-Virus Software to protect your system. But what if I say that you don’t need to install any kind of Anti-Virus software? Because Windows Have an Own Anti-Virus Software but It’s Hidden. In this article you will know how you can use this feature.

Alright, To use this Anti-Virus you need to Press Windows key + R and search mrt then click ok for open the software.

You can see the official Anti-Virus Software by Microsoft is Malicious software Removal Tool. You need to click Next> for using this tool.

Now, here you have various options:

  • Quick Scan: Using this option you can scan areas of the system most likely to contain malicious software in short time.
  • Full Scan: Using this option you can scans the entire system. Its take time but it is worth it.
  • Customized Scan: Using this option you can scans the particular files/folder like when you are insert a pen drive so you can check it.
You can choose any option as per your choice after that scanning is start and its take time it depends on your system hardware specifications.
That’s shit, here show result of scanning.

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