Unlock Mi Bootloader Without Waiting Time for Permission from Xiaomi: Yes you can

Unlock Mi Bootloader Without Waiting Time, Yes it is possible now. If you have any Xiaomi smartphone of any Sub Brand Like Mi, Redmi, or Poco and want to Unlock Bootloader then you have to face waiting time. You have to wait for that period of time but if you want to unlock your bootloader instantly without waiting time then here it is the method. You can Unlock your Bootloader Immediately.

WARNING: After unlocking the bootloader on your device, it will become less secure. Your personal data might be leaked or lost. Do at your own risk.


Unlock Mi Bootloader Without Waiting Time
Unlock Mi Bootloader Without Waiting Time
  1. Enable Developer Options, Go to Setting > About Phone > Tap On MIUI Version 7 times.
  2. Go to Additional Setting > Developer Options > Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging.
  3. Tap on Mi Unlock Status > Add account and device > Agree.
  4. If you get any error while adding account then turn on sync and remove other devices from your Mi Account. For more watch below video.



  1. Download Official Mi Unlock Tool or Unofficial tool for Instant Unlock to your Computer then Extract it.
  2. Now launch Mi Unlock Tool
  3. Log in with the Mi Account which is logged in that your Phone.
  4. Click on Unlock, and agree with the conditions.
  5. Hurray! You have successfully unlocked bootloader on your Mi Smartphone
  6. If you use the Official tool then you will get some waiting time, like unlock try after XX hrs, then you have to wait for that period of time.

8 thoughts on “Unlock Mi Bootloader Without Waiting Time for Permission from Xiaomi: Yes you can”

  1. Is the warning about losing/leaking data is only applicable for Using unofficial tools or official/unofficial both!??
    Plz ans

  2. Many issues when I try to unlock bootloader with both official and unofficial tools.
    Long time XiaoMi phone user. 3rd XiaoMi phone now!
    Started off with the Redmi series love the experience. However Redmi never unlocked bootloader either. Read information online, said to try and use different location that is not my location. Was finally able to get the wait 168 days. So… Told to wait. After waiting… Never happen. Still did not unlock bootloader. Anyway since me and family still enjoy the phones, the hardware and the user interface not such big deal. Would like to unlock bootloader and gain access to phone, but not able too. Years go by and have upgraded to the Mi 9T phone with hidden pop out selfie camera. Very great phone! However getting bored with same interface, wish to change and try another Android OS flavor, but same issues regarding unlocking the bootloader happen. Not able to, always has some different error and there is no available source online anywhere that are reliable and actually work. Today am now using Poco X3 NFC phone. MIUI Version 12.0.7 Running on Android 10. Have Windows 11, Android Studio to work with all of the developer tools, both official XiaoMi drivers and Android tools with included official google drivers. Still no possible solution available. There is always a wait time, or an error. As a developer this is troublesome and frustrating.


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