Unit 4: Technical Communication Skills B.Tech AKTU PDF Notes Download for 2nd Year: Technical Communication KAS 301/401

Technical Communication KAS 301 or KAS 401 PDF Notes Download for Unit 4: Technical Communication Skills B.Tech AKTU 2nd Year.

Technical communication is communication that conveys complex technical information in an easy-to-understand manner.

An interview is an interaction between two or more persons for a specific purpose, in which the interviewer asks the interviewee specific questions in order to assess his / her suitability for recruitment, admission, or promotion.

Unit 4: Technical Communication Skills B.Tech AKTU PDF

Unit 4: Technical Communication Skills

Interview skills; Group Discussion: Objective & Method; Seminar/Conferences Presentation skills: Focus; Content; Style; Argumentation skills: Devices: Analysis; Cohesion & Emphasis; Critical thinking; Nuances: Exposition narration & Description; effective business communication competence: Grammatical; Discourse competence: combination of expression & conclusion; Socio-linguistic competence: Strategic competence: Solution of communication problems with verbal and non verbal means.

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You can Download the Complete E-Book Also. This E-Book has all the 5 Units Notes with Easy, Simple, and Short Language. According to Latest AKTU Syllabus. Important Extra Definitions/Terms, Important Questions, and Previous Year Question Paper are also included.

We have also made a Video lecture on Unit 4: Technical Communication Skills B.Tech AKTU of Technical Communication in the Hindi Language.

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