Technical Communication AKTU PDF Notes EBook Download for BTech 2nd Year KAS 301/401

Technical Communication KAS 301 or KAS 401 PDF Notes EBook Download for B.Tech AKTU 2nd Year.

All 5 Units Notes with Easy, Simple, and Short Language. According to Latest AKTU Syllabus.

Important Extra Definitions/Terms, Important Questions, and Previous Year Question Paper are included.

Technical Communication EBook


Unit 1: Fundamentals of Technical Communication

Technical Communication: Features; Distinction between General and Technical Communication; Language as a tool of Communication; Dimensions of Communication: Reading & comprehension; Technical writing: sentences; Paragraph; Technical style: Definition, types & Methods; The flow of Communication: Downward; upward, Lateral or Horizontal; Barriers to Communication.

Unit 2: Forms of Technical Communication

Technical Report: Definition & importance; Thesis/Project writing: structure & importance; synopsis writing: Methods; Technical research Paper writing: Methods & style; Seminar & Conference paper writing; Expert Technical Lecture: Theme clarity; Analysis & Findings; 7 Cs of effective business writing: concreteness, completeness, clarity, conciseness, courtesy, correctness, consideration, C.V./Resume writing; Technical Proposal: Types, Structure & Draft.

Unit 3: Technical Presentation: Strategies & Techniques

Presentation: Forms; interpersonal Communication; Class room presentation; style; method; Individual conferencing: essentials: Public Speaking: method; Techniques: Clarity of substance; emotion; Humour; Modes of Presentation; Overcoming Stage Fear; Audience Analysis & retention of audience interest; Methods of Presentation: Interpersonal; Impersonal; Audience Participation: Quizzes & Interjections.

Unit 4: Technical Communication Skills

Interview skills; Group Discussion: Objective & Method; Seminar/Conferences Presentation skills: Focus; Content; Style; Argumentation skills: Devices: Analysis; Cohesion & Emphasis; Critical thinking; Nuances: Exposition narration & Description; effective business communication competence: Grammatical; Discourse competence: combination of expression & conclusion; Socio-linguistic competence: Strategic competence: Solution of communication problems with verbal and non verbal means.

Unit 5: Dimensions of Oral Communication & Voice Dynamics

Code and Content; Stimulus & Response; Encoding process; Decoding process; Pronunciation Etiquette; Syllables; Vowel sounds; Consonant sounds; Tone: Rising tone; Falling Tone; Flow in Speaking; Speaking with a purpose; Speech & personality; Professional Personality Attributes: Empathy; Considerateness; Leadership; Competence.

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