Top 10 Best FREE Alternatives to Paid Softwares Like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro

There are many Softwares which are really useful but are very costly. We know we are Indians and we use Mod/ Cracked version of the same but it may be malware masked into Software!
But don’t at all Worry, we have got a list of 10 Free software, which are equally good and competitive to the Original Version.


This is an alternative to Photoshop and it’s completely FREE and OPEN SOURCE. All the important features that you get in Photoshop are available here and it is a Real Rival to Photoshop.
Give it a try: Click Here


Well, this is also an alternative to Photoshop. If you have a Low-end PC or cannot download software due to less storage space, well this is the right choice. This software is online and you don’t need to download anything. Just upload your photo and you’re good to go.
Try it from here: Click Here


Well, just like Photo/ Video, even Audio needs to be edited and for that, people use Adobe Audition which is a Paid Software. But wait, we’ve got you an Alternative which is “Audacity”. It’s Free, it’s Open source and it’s powerful, what’s more required?
Try it from here: Click Here


We know how annoying pop-ups are, The people who use Winrar encounter pop-ups saying they’re using Free version and to buy Paid Version every time they unzip an Archive. But now, we have an Alternative, 7zip ! It’s Free and feature-rich and definitely worth your try!
Get it from here: Click Here

BRL-CAD / LibreCad:

Well, it’s time to stop using the Cracked/ Free version of Auto Cad, you can move on to any of the two above-mentioned software which is completely FREE!
Well, here’s how to get them:
BRL- CAD: Click Here
LibreCad: Click Here

Libre Office:

This software alone can replace Microsoft Office, Yes! you heard that right!
This Software provides almost everything that you get in Microsoft office, be it Word, Excel, PowerPoint and etc.
What’s more? Well you can import Office files in this software and also export files to Office too
It’s definitely worth your try: Click Here


This is for 3D animation enthusiasts. This will definitely help you to get your 3D projects done! Be it photos or videos, and what’s more? Well, it has a powerful Video Editor inbuilt!
The cherry on the cake is, It’s free!
Get it from here: Click Here

DaVinci Resolve:

Well to the Professional editors out there, The one who uses cracked Adobe Premiere Pro or Magix Vegas Pro, well stop using Pirated software! Instead, move to DaVinci Resolve. This software is powerful, feature-rich, and also A tough Competitor to All other Video editors out there, and yeah, It’s free!
If you doubt it, it is 2.5 Gb in size and it can give an estimate about the Features available.

Why are you still waiting? Get it now: Click Here


Well, if you’re not into Professional Editing, if you own a Potato Pc and wanna edit basically, this software is the one for you! Less than 50 MB in size, it offers some great features WITHOUT ANY WATERMARK!
Own it now: Click Here

Bonus: Well, if you’re a Windows User, you have an editor inbuilt! Yes, The Windows Moviemaker!
It’s powerful and you can own it from Microsoft Store! Literally, it’s free and Powerful, no ads no malware, only Software!

OBS Studio:

This Open Source software is largely used by Streamers for streaming. Not only it offers High-Quality streaming, but also it Offers Unlimited, High-Quality Screen Recording too!
Own it from here: Click Here


There are lot of paid software that offers Data Recovery! They’re costly, using Pirated Version may put you at risk but wait! We have an alternative which is completely Free!
Recuva helps you recover data that is deleted from your system. Apart from it, it’s Free and OPEN SOURCE and also offers some great features!
Give it a try: Click Here

To wind it up, Well Paid software has some great Neck to Neck competitors available for Free! Stop using Pirated software and move on to the alternatives mentioned above!

Article Written By: Nihal Singh

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