Soft Skills 2 AKTU PDF Notes EBook Download for BTech First Year KNC 201

Soft Skills 2 KNC 201 PDF Notes EBook Download for B.Tech AKTU First Year.

All 5 Units Notes with Easy, Simple, and Short Language. According to Latest AKTU Syllabus.

Important Extra Definitions/Terms, Important Questions, and Previous Year Question Paper are included.


Active Listening: Meaning and Art of Listening, Pronunciation, Tongue-Twisters, Stress in English Language, Reading style: Skimming; Scanning; Churning & Assimilation, Effective writing tools, Writing: Methods: Inductive; Deductive; Exposition; Linear; Interrupted; Spatial & Chronological etc

UNIT II- Conversational& Social Skills
Definition of Conversation; Speech and Conversation: Distinction; Listening and Conversation; Sustaining Interest; Rules of Conversation; Conversation and Personality; Importance of Conversation: Competence Relationships; Social Skills: Role of Communication; Purposeful Socializing; Attributes: Effective Communication; Conflict Resolution;; Relationship Management; Respect; Improvement Techniques: Feedback; Goal Setting; Affording Resources; Adopting Interpersonal Skills; Importance.

UNIT III- Motivation Skills
Motivation: Definition; Sources of Motivation: Initiative; Willingness To Work; Eagerness to take on Work; Initiative; Learning Ability; Going Extra Miles; Learning And Analysis; Motivating Others: Techniques; One To One Correspondence; Understanding; Individual Motivation; Mobilizing Optimal Performance; Praise and Compliment; Goal Setting for Individual Employee; Individual Cultivation of Skills; Facilitating Active Involvement; Trust in the Working Hands.

UNIT IV- Work-Place Skills
Managing Stress; Techniques: Application of 4 A’s; Avoid; Alter; Access; Adapt; Resilience: Flexibility in Thought and Behavior; Tolerance and Self-Belief; Team-Work and Communication; Compassion in Leadership; Communication Skills; Listening and Responding; Speaking Skills; Positive Thinking: Controlling Mind.

UNIT V- Creativity and Critical Thinking
Creativity: Definition; Characteristics of Creative Person: Fluency; Originality; Curiosity; Critical Thinking: Definition; Abilities: Discerning Facts and Claims; Credibility Analysis; Identifying Valid Reasons; Distinguishing Relevant from Irrelevant Fact/Claims; Detecting Bias; Knowing the Hidden Motives; Creative Methods; Features.

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