Jio Launches Cheapest Broadband Plan Yet: Get Details of JioFiber Backup Plan at Rs 198

Reliance-backed Jio has launched a new broadband plan, JioFiber Backup Plan, aimed at providing consumers with a reliable 24X7 connection. This plan is the company’s cheapest broadband plan and is intended for users who need a backup connection in case their primary connection is down.

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JioFiber Backup Plan Details

The JioFiber Backup Plan costs as low as Rs 198 in India and offers users unlimited data, a one-click speed upgrade, and free landline calls. The plan provides a speed of 10Mbps, but users can buy speed vouchers for 1, 2, or 7 days to upgrade their speed to 30Mbps or 100Mbps. These speed upgrades are valid only for the duration specified. The following table shows the pass and price for each upgrade:

1 DayRs 21Rs 32
2 DaysRs 31Rs 52
7 DaysRs 101Rs 152

JioFiber Backup Plan Benefits

The JioFiber Backup Plan is expected to serve as a budget broadband connection, particularly for those who have unconnected homes and are getting started with a fixed-line connection. The plan offers consumers a choice to upgrade the speed from 10 Mbps to 30Mbps or 100Mbps with 1/2/7 days options.

Furthermore, Jio is also offering an entertainment upgrade as well, where consumers paying Rs 298 a month will get internet and 6 OTT apps and a set-up-box with 400 live channels. Consumers paying Rs 398 will get 14 OTT apps and 500 live channels. Customers opting for just internet will only have to pay Rs 198 + GST per month.

JioFiber Backup Plan Availability

The new JioFiber Back-Up Connection will be available starting 30th March 2023. Jio is offering customers a 5-month advanced payment option, which costs Rs 1,490 for 5 month-service (Rs 198 X 5=Rs 990) and Rs 500 installation charges. Interested customers can book a new connection by giving a missed call on 60008 60008 or visiting or heading to the nearest Jio retailer and booking a backup connection at Rs 99.


Jio’s new JioFiber Backup Plan is an excellent offering for consumers looking for a budget broadband connection or a reliable backup connection in case their primary connection is down. The plan offers unlimited data, one-click speed upgrades, and free landline calls, making it an attractive choice for many users. With Jio’s extensive network and reliable service, this plan is expected to be popular among Indian consumers.

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