Jio Phone Next BGMI Graphics Settings – Is 30 FPS possible?


Surf through this article to know about the Jio Phone Next BGMI Graphics Settings and also know about the FPS you can get while playing BGMI.

After the Launch of Jio Phone Next, many people with a low budget can now be exposed to the Internet and SmartPhones. So it really needs to be tested in all the Aspects, be it the Camera, Performance, Compatibility with Non-Jio SIMs, etc., and now, We have bought a detailed BGMI Review on JioPhone Next. Before that, If you want an unboxing and Hand-on Video, Click here:

If you need to know how to use Non-Jio SIM in Jio Phones, click here:

Can you play BGMI on Jio Phone Next?

Well, Yes! You can play BGMI on JioPhone Next, but it won’t be a premium experience. Like yes, considering the Price Range, you can get decent performance but How much decent? At what settings? at what FPS? Is there a Lag? Everything will be answered through this Article.

Jio Phone Next BGMI Graphics Settings:

Considering the Price and Processor, you can Play BGMI at Smooth and Balanced settings at Low to Medium whichever you want to. It is advised to play on Smooth and Medium for the Best Performance.

Jio Phone Next BGMI Lag:

As far as the test was conducted, there was no Lag on Smooth + Medium Settings. However, on Balanced + Medium, there was Heating and Shutters. To be honest, if you are desperate, you can play it but it is not advised as once the Phone gets bloated with apps, with aging, it will lag for Sure.

Jio Phone Next Battery Drain:

The test which ran for almost 30 Minutes, saw a battery drain of 7%, which in no way is bad considering the Price and the Battery Capacity which is 3500 mAh. But should you buy it for Gaming? Let’s see this in our Conclusion and Honest Opinion.

Conclusion and Honest Opinion:

Well, to be honest, if you are a Casual Gamer, you can consider this but if you want to Push your rank, stream/ record, or any professional things, please make sure this will not meet your expectations. At the end of the day, the Snapdragon 215 is not for gaming, it is just for Normal users.

Bottom Lines:

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