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In today’s world, Microwave Ovens are getting common and needy. There are various Terminologies that can confuse anyone but we are here to ensure you understand every feature and know what is the right choice for you. So this article will be a Buying Guide at first and then we’ve handpicked the Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens for you.

Microwave Oven – A brief Buying Guide.

There are many Terminologies that will surely be cleared through this Section. We ensure you that you can pick the best one from the below links.

Term 1: Solo Type/ Convection Type and Grill Type.

The Solo Type of Microwave is used for Reheating, Basic Cooking, and Defrosting the Food. This is significantly cheaper than other Microwaves and also offers very few features.

The Grill Type of Microwave is a Upragaded version of the Solo Type. The Grill Type of Microwave is used not only for Basic cooking, Defrosting, and Reheating but also Grilling even Non-Veg Food and making Tea and Coffee. You can consider this if you like to Grill your Food a Lot.

The Convection Type offers you the most out of what you can get from A Microwave. It does not have features of both the Solo and Grill type, but also it can even Bake and cook a large number of Foodstuffs. 

Term 2: Power.

This is the Power on which the Microwave Functions. For example, if the Power is Less, it will take time to heat, it will not work efficiently, and also may not give you the best output. So what should we consider?

Well, it would be great if the minimum power is around 800 Watts. Anything less than this may not be optimal but if it is equal to or greater than 800W, it would be A boon.

Term 3: Capacity.

This is approximately equal to the Amount of Food it can Cook/ Grill/ Bake at once and is measured in Litres (L). For instance, a 25L Microwave will handle a lesser amount of Food than a 30L Oven.

So, What should be the Best Capacity?

Well, it really depends upon the number of Family Members. For a Family with 2-4 Members, A 25-28 Litres of Solo or Convection Type of Microwave Oven should be enough. If there are more than 5 Members, go for 30 Litres or 30+ Litres of capacity in the Microwave

Now as you are aware of all the Terminologies, It’s time to look at the BEST Microwave Oven from 2021 under INR. 20,000.

Top 5 Best Microwave Oven from 2021:

Let’s crawl from the 10th Position to THE BEST MICROWAVE OVEN OF 2021. Make sure you buy from the links provided to avail the Products at the best possible rates.

#05 – IFB 30L CONVECTION MICROWAVE₹12,990 [Model:30SC4]

Best Buy Link:


IFB 30L Convection Microwave: Key Features

  • 101 INDIAN Cooking Menu.
  • 1 Year Product Warranty and 3 Years Magnetron Warranty.
  • Clock with Timer.
  • Auto Defrost.
  • Keep Warm.
  • Over Heat Protection and etc.
  • 1400W on Microwave, 2200W on Convection and 1250W on Grill Mode.

Best buy link:

#04 – LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven ₹18,000 [Model:MC3286BRUM]

Best Buy Link:


LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven  – Key Features

  • 1 year on product and 4 years on Magnetron
  • 301 auto cook menu with 211 Indian auto cook menu options
  • Pasteurize Milk with Ghee, Dosa, Paneer, Curd.
  • 2500W maximum power

Best Buy Link:

#03 – Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven₹14,500 [Model:MC28H5025VP/TL]

Best Buy Link:


Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven – Key Features

  • 1 Year Product Warranty and 4 Year Magnetron Warranty
  • Tandoor Technology
  • 101 INDIAN Cooking Menus
  • 2100W Power
  • Ceramic Cavity
  • Deoderisation – reduces the smell and much more

Best Buy link:

#02 – Godrej 28 L Inverter Convection Microwave Oven₹19,990 [Model:GME 728 CIP3 RM]

Best Buy Link:


Godrej 28 L Inverter Convection Microwave Oven – Key Features

  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on magnetron
  • 355 pre-programmed Indian and international Instacook Menus
  • 40% faster defrosting, 15% faster cooking and 11% power saving compared to a regular microwave oven
  • Stainless steel cavity and more

Best Buy Link:

#01 – Samsung 32 L Convection Microwave Oven [Model:MC32J7035CT/TL]

Best Buy Link:


Samsung 32 L Convection Microwave Oven – Key Specifications

  • Large Capacity – 32 Litres.
  • Warranty : 1 year on Product & 5 years on Megnetron & 10 years on Ceramic Cavity.
  • Slimfry technology : Enjoy healthier fried food without deep fryer
  • Can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking and much more

Best Buy Link:

Bottom Lines:

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