How to enable Hotspot in Jio Phone | 4 METHODS

Every JioPhone user wants to share it’s Jio Phone’s internet with Computers or other smartphones but JioPhone has not any option to share the Internet or any option to turn on Hotspot in Jio Phone. But now use Hotspot in Jio Phone and Enable USB Tethering in JioPhone. We have discussed 4 Methods to share the Internet with one Official method to use hotspot in Jio Phone.

We have made an Explanation video on it. You can watch below.

But we have 4 Methods (Discussed Below) to share Jio Phone Internet.

  1. Official Method
  2. USB Tethering
  3. Hotspot App
  4. Modified Settings App

1.Official Method to use Hotspot in Jio Phone

This method is not working yet but earlier Jio pushed out an update which contained Hotspot Option in Official Settings. Because it’s not working now, we will not discuss further.

2. USB Tethering

By Using USB Tethering in Jio Phone you can able to share your Jio Phone Internet to Computer or PC by using USB Cable.

  1. Download this Zip file
  2. Unzip the file then install in your computer
  3. Restart your Computer
  4. Disable the Media Transfer in your Jio Phone
  5. Connect Jio Phone to your PC using micro USB Cable
  6. Hurray! You have done. Now you can use your Jio Phone Data in your Computer.

We have made a Video Tutorial and Dedicated Post for this. READ HERE

3. Hotspot Setting

For this method, you have to install OmniSD in Jio Phone. We have made full Tutorial Video and post on this. You can check here for more details.

In this method, you have to Download JBHotspot app in your Jio Phone using OmniSD App. After that you can turn on Hotspot using this App.

You can READ MORE HERE or watch the video below.

4. Modified Settings App.

Download this Modified Settings app which contains Hotspots setting and install using OmniSD. By which you can turn on Hotspot.

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