6G Launch Date in India: 6G Network Speed; Here’s everything about 6G!

Yeah, you saw it right! This article will get you covered about the OFFICIAL INFORMATION ON 6G.

Story behind THE 6G:

Innovation never stops and so do the Technology! 5G hasn’t even set its foot completely in India, the work on 6G has already started. Continue reading below to know every detail about 6G as of now.

The work on 6G has already started a couple of years ago in countries like Japan, South Korea, and European Union. Seeing this, the Telecom Secretary of India, Mr. k. Rajaraman has advised the State-owned telecom research and development organization [C-DoT] to begin the research on the Next Generation.

The bigger companies like Samsung and Huawei are looking further to develop a Better, Faster and Improved version than 5G, the 6G. Now that we know the background, lets know about the Launch-date, Speed and other information.

Photo by David Jakab from Pexels
Photo by David Jakab from Pexels

6G Speed:

The 5G is likely to arrive by next year which is boasted to be 10 Times Faster than 4G. If this did not thrilled you, well the 6G is likely to be 50 Times the speed of 5G. Yes! you saw it right. The improvement isn’t just on speed, even the Latency would be significantly reduced so 6G would definitely be a Paradise for Multiplayer Gamers where the actions would almost be Real Time!

To be more precise, the 6G would offer a speed of 1000GB per second, that’s a whole TB in just one Second! But the real world speed would be lesser than what’s boasted because its 1000 Gigabits and also the announced speed would be tested in the Best Conditions but in real life scenario, after converting from Giga-Bits to Giga-Bytes, you can still expect a staggering 1GB per second which is definitely not at all bad.

6G Launch Date:

But when can you expect this? Well, India has started working on this technology, it would still be launched around 2028 in Japan and by 2030 in India. Well, it’s far but it’s the Future, The Future of the Internet, The Future of Communication, The Future of this world.

Last lines:

Winding the Things up, we cannot promise the exact date of 6G but we can surely promise some great quality Videos and Articles on this Page so stay updated with us while we make you stay updated with Technology!

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