Voting Management System using C; Easy Code for Beginners

This is a C program that implements a simple voting system. It includes the following steps:

  1. Preprocessor directives define the names of four candidates and an empty vote option.
  2. Global variables are initialized to store the number of votes cast for each candidate and for empty votes.
  3. A function named castVote() is defined that asks the user to select a candidate and increments the corresponding vote count.
  4. A function named votesCount() is defined that displays the total number of votes for each candidate and for empty votes.
  5. A function named getLeadingCandidate() is defined that displays the name of the candidate with the highest number of votes.
  6. In the main() function, a menu is displayed that allows the user to select one of three options: vote, view vote statistics, or view the leading candidate. The program loops until the user chooses to exit.
  7. Depending on the user’s selection, the corresponding function is called.
  8. When the user chooses to exit, the program thanks them and terminates.
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Here’s the code with comments:

#include <stdio.h>

// Define the names of the candidates and the number of votes each candidate has
#define CANDIDATE1 "Rahul Singh"
#define CANDIDATE2 "Shyamlal Banerjee"
#define CANDIDATE3 "Surendra Kumar"
#define CANDIDATE4 "Mukul Singh"

// Initialize the number of votes for each candidate and for "None of the Above" (NOTA)
int num_of_votes_C1 = 0, num_of_votes_C2 = 0, num_of_votes_C3 = 0, num_of_votes_C4 = 0, nota = 0;

// Function to allow the user to cast their vote
void castVote() {
    int choice;

    // Display the candidates and NOTA option
    printf("\n\nPlease Select Candidate by selecting option between 1 - 5\n\n");
    printf("\n '1' for %s", CANDIDATE1);
    printf("\n '2' for %s", CANDIDATE2);
    printf("\n '3' for %s", CANDIDATE3);
    printf("\n '4' for %s", CANDIDATE4);
    printf("\n '5' for %s", "NOTA: None of the Above");

    // Prompt the user to enter their choice
    printf("\n\nEnter your choice between 1 - 5 : ");
    scanf("%d", &choice);

    // Increment the number of votes for the selected candidate or NOTA
    switch (choice) {
        case 1:

        case 2:

        case 3:

        case 4:

        case 5:

            printf("\nPlease Select an option between 1 - 5 Only");

    // Display a message thanking the user for their vote
    printf("\n Thanks for your Valuable Vote !");

// Function to display the total number of votes for each candidate and NOTA
void votesCount() {
    printf("\n\n Number of Votes are: ");
    printf("\n %s: %d ", CANDIDATE1, num_of_votes_C1);
    printf("\n %s: %d ", CANDIDATE2, num_of_votes_C2);
    printf("\n %s: %d ", CANDIDATE3, num_of_votes_C3);
    printf("\n %s: %d ", CANDIDATE4, num_of_votes_C4);
    printf("\n %s: %d ", "NOTA", nota);

// Function to display the leading candidate based on the total number of votes
void getLeadingCandidate(){ 
    printf("\n\nLeading Candidate is "); 
    if(num_of_votes_C1>num_of_votes_C2 && num_of_votes_C1>num_of_votes_C3 && num_of_votes_C1 >num_of_votes_C4) 
    else if (num_of_votes_C2>num_of_votes_C3 && num_of_votes_C2>num_of_votes_C4 && num_of_votes_C2 >num_of_votes_C1) 
    else if(num_of_votes_C3>num_of_votes_C4 && num_of_votes_C3>num_of_votes_C2 && num_of_votes_C3 >num_of_votes_C1) 
    else if(num_of_votes_C4>num_of_votes_C1 && num_of_votes_C4>num_of_votes_C2 && num_of_votes_C4 >num_of_votes_C3) 
        printf("Oh No! No Win-Situation");         
int main(){ 
    int i, choice; 
        printf("\n\n            Welcome to Voting Application"); 
        printf("\n\nA Mini Project by Kulbhushan (Krazy Kaksha)"); 
        printf("\n\n 1. Vote a Candidate"); 
        printf("\n 2. View Vote Stats"); 
        printf("\n 3. View leading Candidate"); 
        printf("\n 0. Exit"); 
        printf("\n\n Please select option: "); 
        scanf("%d", &choice); 
            case 0: printf("Thank You! For using this Application");break; 
            case 1: castVote();break; 
            case 2: votesCount();break; 
            case 3: getLeadingCandidate();break; 
            default: printf("\nPlease enter valid option!"); 
return 0; 

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