Rural Development: Administration and Planning AKTU PDF Notes Download (KHU701 / KHU801); Unit 5

Rural Development: Administration and Planning (KHU701 / KHU801) PDF Notes Download for Unit 5: Rural Industrialization and Entrepreneurship in Rural Sector B.Tech AKTU 4th Year.

What is Rural Development?

Rural development focuses on improving the economic and social well-being of people in rural areas. It involves creating opportunities for better livelihoods through various means.

Why is it Important?

Thriving rural communities are essential for sustainable development. By improving living standards, rural development reduces poverty and creates a more balanced society.

The Elements:

  • Infrastructure: Building roads, irrigation systems, and access to electricity is crucial.
  • Agriculture: Supporting farmers with improved techniques and market access creates economic growth.
  • Social Services: Investing in education, healthcare, and sanitation enhances quality of life.

Government Programs:

Many government initiatives target rural development. These include programs supporting agriculture, social security, and social sectors like education and healthcare.

Unit 5: Rural Industrialization and Entrepreneurship

Concept of Rural Industrialization, Gandhian approach to Rural Industrialization, Appropriate Technology for Rural Industries, Entrepreneurship and Rural Industrialization- Problems and diagnosis of Rural Entrepreneurship in India, with special reference to Women Entrepreneurship; Development of Small Entrepreneurs in India, need for and scope of entrepreneurship in Rural area.

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You have the option to download the complete E-Book that includes all the notes for the 5 units in easy, simple, and concise language as per the latest AKTU syllabus. Additionally, the E-Book contains important definitions and terms, as well as previous year’s question papers and important questions.

We have also made a Video lecture on Unit 5 of Rural Development: Administration and Planning in the Hindi Language.

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