What is Metaverse? How does it work; Price and Launch date? Is it worth the hype?

The Parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has changed to Meta in October 2021. Now this change is subjected to development in New ‘Metaverse Technology’ currently on which, the Company is focusing on. This guide will get you covered about everything right from the aim to the working of Metaverse.

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What is Metaverse?

Here, the Meta means beyond and Verse is the universe. The concept of Metaverse is ‘Beyond Universe’. In simple words, this technology will surpass the limits of the Universe. It will bring the Real-world together, Virtually. You will be able to meet your friends, roam around the world without going anywhere, right from your home! How cool it sounds right? But how will it work? Well, let’s get to understand the working Mechanism of the Metaverse.

How will Metaverse work?

Well, the working wouldn’t be as simple. I mean to surpass the possibilities of the Universe, you need something very much complex.

Now whatsoever you will see in the First Generation, it won’t be that complex in the succeeding Generations. The earlier smartphones were so bulky and hardly worked well, but now, the scene is quite opposite. So don’t expect so much from the First Generation of Metaverse as it will keep on improving with time.

Anyways back to the work, For a Metaverse to be created, you need a virtual environment. This would be made possible by combining a Virtual Reality [VR] Headset with a dedicated screen to view your Metaverse, a sensor on your hand to replicate your movement in the Metaverse, a really, really good Wifi connection with the lowest Latency to experience the Metaverse in Real-time.

Combining all this will give you an Experience of Metaverse right from your own home!

How cool is Metaverse?

Well, to be very honest, this will be one of the Coolest and the Best thing Humanity will ever see. For example, if you don’t like your own home, you can customize it in Metaverse. You want to go to your Friend’s home, you can do that by sitting on your very comfy couch, you want a trip to Paris, Hurray! You can do that just by being connected to the Internet. As the Metaverse will expand, a time will come where you need not even step out of your house to go to a party, meet your friends and etc.

Another cool feature is, Work from Home. I mean really, you can replicate your office and start working from your home in the Office without actually being in the office. How cool it sounds right? Well, don’t be over-excited as it may not meet your requirements too soon. Overall, an easy 10/10 for the Idea and Working.

Privacy and Safety in Metaverse

If there’s a guy constantly irritating you in your School, you can do very little about it except tell your teacher. But in Metaverse, you can literally block a person from your Life. It’s so good like now you won’t be able to see that face of your ex again!

Project Cambria – An Add-on to Metaverse?

This project has the potential to revolutionize the Virtual Reality Sector. They are planning a VR Headset so powerful that in some ways, this will create a Metaverse experience. It will come with features like a ton of Face Recognition Options, sensors are so advanced that it will create the exact Facial Expressions of Avatars like the real person, and much more cool stuffs. All this combined with Metaverse will give Humanity, a really potent gift.

Price and Launch Date of Metaverse

It’s really hard to say the exact Launch date but you can expect it around a Decade Later. Don’t worry as within a couple of years you might see some kind of Beta Testing that will be limited to a few people and definitely not be that affordable.

Talking about the price, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that it would be cheaper so that the maximum amount of Humanity can afford it. But it will be noteworthy to see at which cost it will come.

Bottom Lines:

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