iPhone 16 Series: What to Expect from Apple’s Next Flagship


In September last year, Apple launched the iPhone 15 series, receiving recognition for its tweaks and improvements. As we step into the new year, analysts reveal that Apple is making strides in developing the next iPhone series, the iPhone 16. Leaks and rumors have started to surface, offering glimpses into what the new series might offer. Graphic designer Jia recently shared a digital design based on these rumors, shedding light on the potential design and features of the iPhone 16.

Design and Upgrades:

According to Jia’s post, the iPhone 16 base model’s design shares similarities with the iPhone 12, especially in the vertical camera placement, rumored to accommodate a spatial video feature. While this suggests a continuation in design, leaks hint at exciting new features. The leaked image also introduces a smaller version of the Action Button for tasks like live translation, and a rumored Capture Button for photos and videos, enhancing user functionality.

iPhone 16
iPhone 16

Camera Upgrades:

BGR reported that the iPhone 16 Pro models might see significant camera upgrades. Notably, a 24 MP front camera is speculated for the Pro models, promising improved selfie and video capabilities. Furthermore, there are indications that this advanced front camera might be introduced in the non-Pro models of the iPhone 17, extending the enhanced camera experience to a broader user base.

Increased Screen Size and Titanium Construction:

The iPhone 16 series is expected to feature larger screen sizes, providing users with a more immersive visual experience. Similar to the iPhone 15 Pro series, the increased screen size is attributed to reduced bezels, delivering a more seamless and modern design. Additionally, leaks suggest an increased usage of titanium across the range, enhancing the durability and premium feel of the devices.

Credibility of Leaks:

It’s crucial to note that the shared image by Jia is based on leaks and rumors, lacking official confirmation from Apple. As the tech giant typically keeps its projects under wraps until the official launch, enthusiasts should approach these details with caution. While the window for hardware alterations is closing rapidly, changes could still occur before the final release.

Looking Ahead:

As the iPhone 16 series promises potential design and feature upgrades, Apple may face pressure to stay competitive in the rapidly advancing tech landscape. With the possibility of a 24 MP front camera and a focus on reducing bezels for larger screens, Apple aims to deliver an enhanced user experience.


Enthusiasts and tech analysts eagerly await the official unveiling of the iPhone 16 series by Apple. The rumored design elements, feature upgrades, and potential camera improvements indicate an exciting evolution in the iPhone lineup. However, until Apple makes an official announcement, it’s essential to approach these leaks and rumors with a level of skepticism, acknowledging that surprises may still be in store for Apple’s loyal user base.

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