How to Add a Link to your Instagram Story without 10k Followers or Being Verified.

If you are an Instagram user, you probably might have seen your favorite Influencers and Celebrities adding a Link to their Instagram Story. With the latest Instagram Update, its users will be able to share external URLs to their story WITHOUT having 10k Followers or WITHOUT having a Verified Account.

This Facebook-owned Company is being granted a number of great features. One such feature is the addition of Links in the form of Stickers to their story. This feature was rolled out to Celebrities or accounts with a good amount of Followers in the month of June. As per the Tweet by Instagram on 27th October, they’ll globally roll out the “Link Sticker” with the new updates.

The ‘Swipe-up’ feature which was previously used by the Influencers/ Celebrities is discontinued and as a replacement, the Link Stickers will get the job done. As per this tweet, Instagram stated that it is necessary for Everyone should get an opportunity to express themselves, and thus, they are giving the Link Stickers, global Access.

How to use Link Stickers?

Well to use this, make sure YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF INSTAGRAM. Now make sure this feature is ROLLING OUT and not completely ROLLED OUT so even if you don’t get this one, wait for a few days and it will be available.

Now that you think you have access, here are the steps:

Step 1: Create any Story

Step 2: Go to the Stickers Section

Step 3: Click on the Link Sticker

Step 4: Add any link that you want to redirect to. For example,

Step 5: Hit enter and you’re good to go.

Now make sure you wait for the update as it is the rollout phase. As soon as it is rolled out, you can use it by going through the Article and if you did like it, make sure you follow us here and also here.

Also video guide will get you through this easily:

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