Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover | Problems with Phone Cases: What are Solutions?

We all use Back Cover or Back Case on our Smartphones but do you know the Problems or Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover? Yes, Use back covers our smartphone faces many problems which we can’t see. We will discuss Solutions Also.

Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover
Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover

Problems/Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover

  1. The problem in Heat Dissipation due to which
    – Phone heats
    – Hang and Lags
    – Slow Charge Speed
  2. Bad material Quality, due to which
    – Bacteria or germs may remain on it
    – If the cover has a Magnet, it may cause problem in GPS and Compass
  3. Hides Beautiful Design and look
  4. Smartphone consumes more power for good signal strength then heat & radiate more

Advantages of Mobile Back Cover

  1. If Glass Back
    – Save back Panel glass from a break
    – Protects the Whole Device
  2. If Plastic & metal
    – Prevents from scratch
    – Protects the Whole Device


  1. Use Back Covers having Holes or Bumper Case (frame only)
  2. Remove Back cover (Usually in Summers) While
    – Charging Smartphone
    – Gaming
    – Video or photoshoot for a long time
    – Using GPS (Maps)
    – Using Hotspot and WiFi
  3. Clean Your Back Cover Frequently with a good alcohol contained Sanitizer.

We have also made a video on YouTube in the Hindi Language, you can watch below

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