Top 5 Secret Apps for WhatsApp: WhatsApp Hidden Tricks & Features

If you want to extend your WhatsApp Features and want to be a Pro WhatsApp User then you should use these Apps. You can go online without showing online and typing. You can also chat with bubble popups. You can also get a notification when someone gets online or offline, you can also check data of duration of time of usage.

WhatsApp Hidden Tricks
WhatsApp Hidden Tricks

1. Get Online/Offline Notification

Download this app to get notified when someone gets online or offline. Even get duration of online. If you are blocked then you will still receive the notifications.

2. Bubble Messages/ No Last Seen & Typing

Download this App to chat with someone without going online. It will show Offline and hide typing. You can also enjoy Bubble Feature.

3. Hide WhatsApp Chat & Name

Download this App to chat with anyone so that no can see you with whom are you chatting. You can hide the chat or only name.

4. Upload Long WhatsApp Status Videos

Download this app to send longer Videos on your WhatsApp Status. You can upload 1 minute, 5 minutes, or more longer.

5. WhatsApp Repeated & Blank Text

Download this app to send repeated or blank messages. You can also send repeated emojis and more.

You can also watch below Video in the Hindi language for more details and Live tests and tutorials.

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