iPhone 14 Series Price Comparison in Different Countries; In which countries iPhone 14 is cheapest?

Apple launched its iPhone 14 series but there is a huge disparity between the prices of iPhones in India and the US. Users in India will need to pay up to Rs 52,000 more for the iPhone 14 series when compared to consumers who purchase the same from the US.

Photo by Shivam Gurjar on Pexels.com

The Indian pricing of the iPhone 14 series is also higher than the price in many other regions like the UK, China, and UAE.

As for the taxes, in India iPhone prices include 18% GST and 22% custom duties (levied before GST). Apple reportedly has plans to manufacture iPhone 14 series in India.

The iPhone 14 series models launched in the US do not have a physical SIM slot. This means users have the e-SIM option to operate them if bought from the US.

iPhone 14iPhone 14 PlusiPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 Pro Max
IndiaRs 79,900Rs 89,990Rs 1,29,900Rs 1,39,900
ConvertedRs 63,000 (Approx)Rs 71,000 (Approx)Rs 79,000 (Approx)Rs 87,000 (Approx)
ConvertedRs 77,000 (Approx)Rs 87,000 (Approx)Rs 1,00,000 (Approx)Rs 1,10,000 (Approx)
Dubai (UAE)AED 3,399AED 3,799AED 4,299AED 4,699
ConvertedRs 73,000 (Approx)Rs 82,000 (Approx)Rs 93,000 (Approx)Rs 1,02,000 (Approx)
China MainlandCNY 5,999CNY 6,999CNY 7,999CNY 8,999
ConvertedRs 68,000 (Approx)Rs 80,000 (Approx)Rs 91,000 (Approx)Rs 1,03,000 (Approx)
Hong KongHK$ 6,899HK$ 7,699HK$ 8,599HK$ 9,399
ConvertedRs 70,000 (Approx)Rs 78,000 (Approx)Rs 87,000 (Approx)Rs 95,000 (Approx)

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