How to use WhatsApp Once View Feature in Android | Download Beta APK

Facebook has owned Instagram and WhatsApp a couple of years ago. We can see there are additions of features in all the three apps and one can also find some similarities between the apps.
One such addition is the newly added “View once” feature.

WhatsApp Once View
WhatsApp Once View

The people who use Instagram know about disappearing message feature where an image can be seen only once by the receiver.

WhatsApp introduced a ‘Disappearing message feature’ few months ago and now, it has inspired ‘View Once’ feature which will let the receiver to see an Image only once.

The earlier disappearing message feature was limited to just Message but View Once feature will be for Images too.

Currently, this feature is available in only the Beta version and you might have to wait a couple of months for the Stable version

If you want to try out this feature, here’s the link for Beta Version: Download Beta APK

For more information you can watch the below video.

Article Written By: Nihal Singh

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